The cold but also the cozy season has begun: Cookies are baked, candles are lit, the smell of gingerbread fills the houses, the fireplaces are the most cozy thing to be around while it's cold outside, the snowflakes start to trickle down, presents are sought & packed, festive menus are created & everyone hopes for a relaxed, quiet and above all stress-free pre-Christmas season.

And the Hunnsbuckl? He loves all of this very much. Hustle and bustle. Christmas trees that end up in his basket in a wandering way & lots of presents - what more could he ask for?

That's why we created some lovely items for the festive season. Whether it's decoration or stationary you'll have a lot of fun with these Hunnsbuckl specially created for Christmas.


For further informations check the descriptions next to the Hunnsbuckl of your choice.

Hunnsbuckl by Iwazwersch ist eine kleine, feine Design - Manufaktur für hübsche Kleinigkeiten mit Hunsrücker Dialekt & einem liebreizenden, von unserer Designerin zum Leben erweckten Fantasietierchen namens „Hunnsbuckl“.
Einzigartig andere Produkte für den etwas anderen, ganz besonderen Alltag, mit Herz & zum Schmunzeln.



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